Football Ammonia Smelling Salts


You might think it’s a hoax or “all mental”. But one thing’s for sure—NFL players swear by it.

Football smelling salts have really taken the game by storm and included this advanced element that take each player to the next level—without extra training or conditioning—but simply by using what they already have in them and awakening it two-fold!

Even though it might be strange to see players head over to the sidelines take a sniff and look like they’ve gotten a jolt of energy running through their body, what they’re doing really works.

Especially with concussions happening left and right, the NFL had to come up with a surefire solution to wake up the unconscious player, right on the field so they can get checked out as quickly as possible. Football smelling salts seemed to be the perfect solution to this issue because if they didn’t find a way to wake them up—well, those players aren’t the lightest athletes in the world. Plus, it would get pretty eerie if unconscious players were being hauled off the field every five minutes of the game.

Football Smelling Salts has been the perfect solution to not only that problem but to giving the players the energy they need to continue playing, well into the fourth quarter.

Smelling Salts Now

How does it work?

The Football Smelling Salts are made with ammonium carbonate. In one quick snap, much like the beginning of the play, the “taker” gets a jolt of energy as the chemical impact reaches their nose and directly into their brain. Even though there has been a bit of a resounding question about if the salts have been masking symptoms associated with concussions, they just use it to get awake and get off the field. After taken off the field, they’re then required to get checked out by a doctor to see if they have those symptoms.


Who’s using it?

Waking up every day for those 6 a.m. trainings, hitting the gym hard, and eating right is not the only things that put the professional players over the edge.

It has been recorded that 80 percent of NFL players use these football smelling ammonia salts inhalants to help them during the game.

Especially since football is described as being a game filled with bursts of explosive activity, the jolt that ammonia salts give the players results in a quick few moments of alertness, strength, and adrenaline—which is perfect and just what they need to make it through to the next play.

You might have seen big-name players like Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliot smelling and huffing a pouch or out of a Gatorade cup or two once they’re in between plays on the sidelines. It’s football smelling salts!

Even though you might not have noticed before—you’ll definitely notice now! Even more so, you will know exactly what Brady has up his sleeve when he comes back into the end of the 3rd quarter not only looking as fresh as he did upon the first whistle but also with a focused look in his eye to get the job done.

Football smelling salts can really change up the game.If the veteran pros are using it, you can rest assured that it definitely works! Those players who have played for years, like Brady have tried everything out there to get them that boost and burst of energy while they’re on the field—not only because they’re a bit older but because they’ve really gone through all the fads.

Well, we’re letting you know now, Ammonia Salts are not a fad—they really work!

Football smelling salts can be the help you need to get you through all four quarters, to give you that burst of energy right before you go out there for a play, and even wake up the seemingly unconscious right after they’ve been knocked out cold.

A quick whiff of this legal and completely safe inhalant can be the burst you need to take your football game to the next level—just like the pros.

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