Hockey Players Ammonia Smelling Salts


The game of hockey is wonderful. It is so challenging that players need to once in a while take a sniff from a substance while seating on the bench. If you are a keen observer of hockey games, you must have in one way or the other observed the players sniffing something before going into the field of play. While there has been a considerable high amount of misconceptions about what they sniff on the bench and the increased drug problems among the players, it should, however, be noted that hockey players periodically take a sniff from ammonium smelling salts to remain as motivated and alert as possible. Read our article on “Smelling salts for Athletesfor more information on smelling salts, what they are and the possible side effects they have on the body.


What are Hockey Players Smelling?

The packets you see the hockey players smelling while on the bench are known as ammonia salts which helps stimulate the body’s nervous system to keep the player as alert as possible even during the rigors attached to playing the games.

When these small packets are passed to the team members, the squeeze the packet and wave the broken capsule under their noses to remain stimulated and active. Although these smelling salts are as harmless as possible, the ammonia content in them may give them a pungent smell. After a successful inhalation of the smelling salts, the fight or flight response reaction of the individual is increased and this makes the body to feel it is under an attack. This leads to the release of the emergency hormones which increase the overall energy level of the body, thus resulting in strength and speed.

The use of smelling salts among hockey players elevates the heart rate, increases the blood pressure and also brain activity thus the reason why most hockey players believe smelling salts aids their performance on the ice.

Sniffing of smelling salts has become an integral part of hockey games but most people still believe it only gives the players a little jolt. Most often than not, players who had a successful game usually attribute it to the efficacy of the smelling salts.

Inasmuch as this good, adequate care ought to be taken so as to guide these users on the best dosage for an individual because of an overdose of smelling salts.



Either temporary or long-term, the use of smelling salts has a great effect on the overall performance of the hockey player. The mental alertness coupled with the increased level of energy is a great asset every hockey player will love to possess while playing the game. When next you see a hockey player sniffing something, remember that they need ammonium salts to be as active as possible. Kindly read our article on “Smelling salts” for a detailed explanation on their mechanism of action, possible side effects, and history.

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