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Right from the time of Great Philosopher Pliny when the first reference to the use of ammonium salts as stimulants was mentioned, to the 13th century where it was developed into what is obtainable today as smelling salts for athletes, there has been a great improvement in the overall constituent and methods of preparing these substances which has greatly assisted athlete and sportsmen and women to maintain a high level of brain activity during sporting sessions.

Today, smelling salts don’t just contain ammonium sulfate as the only major ingredient but are also mixed with some forms of perfumes and other additives which make them a joy to behold and increase in their overall activities.

The need for more potent smelling salts led our brand into intense research on how to increase the efficacy of the smelling salts and bring about the desired effect in no time. The old forms of smelling salts such as the Mackenzie smelling salts have been quite effective in offering athletes and sports lovers several advantages which included brain stimulation. A careful study into the action of Mackenzie smelling salts and its major shortcomings in the aspect of packaging, quality control and improved level of activity was one of the reasons that spurred us into the creation of a contemporary and effective smelling salt.

The new improved product we offer comes with the following characteristics:

  • Better packaging: One of the major challenges associated with the old forms of smelling salts such as the Mackenzie smelling salts is related to the efficacy of its packaging system. While some of the old forms of smelling salts may have packages which release toxic materials into the environment, our smelling salts features a better packaging system which is both fashionable and environmentally friendly.
  • Higher quality: Coupled with an in-depth research into the effectiveness of smelling salts and the major setbacks associated with the old products, we produce a highly effective and top quality smelling salt which is second to none in the market. As a modern brand, we have taken our time to research on the pros and cons of the previous smelling salts in the market and have mapped out the best action plans that creates the best smelling salt with the right proportion of elements which will give the required result even at a lower dosage.
  • Does not leak:When it comes to sniffing smelling salts there is a high tendency of the product to leak or spill all over the place. With our modern smelling salts, we have been able to settle the case associated with this by providing the best packaging system which prevents the salt from any form of external or internal damage.
  • Quality control: All our smelling salts pass through a series of quality control screening to make sure they are market ready for the use and consumption of the general public.


Modem smelling salts are not just more active but also come in the best packaging and also offers the desired results in the shortest time possible. Read our articles on Smelling Salts for more information on the pros and cons of using these salts.

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