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Have you ever thought of a smell that could immediately activate your brain and jumpstart you out of the blackness? You might also be wondering, “What are NFL players smelling on the sidelines?” The answer to both of your questions are smelling salts. The game of football is very interesting and also involves some forms of rigorous activities which have the capacity to tire the brain and body. Most often than not, these players are exposed to head injuries and blackouts due to a reduced level of energy thus the reason they have adopted the use of Football Smelling salts to keep their brains as active as possible.

While traditionally smelling salts are used to prevent and treat fainting, many NFL players are sniffing smelling salts to give them a boost on the sidelines before and during games. The ability for NFL players to smell smelling salts has really assisted football players to keep their brain activity at optimum even after leaving the sports. The pungent smell of the salt caused as a result of the high ammonia content has the ability to jumpstart the brain and trigger a flight or fight reaction which increases the amount of energy in circulation.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos

The craze among National Football League players for huffing smelling salts between plays is drawing increasing scrutiny, with some fearing it could mask concussion symptoms. 

A new report in ESPN: The Magazine estimates that as many as 80 per cent of NFL players partake in the craze, swearing by the ‘slap in the face’ pick-me-up from ammonia-based inhalants.

Current and former star quarterbacks Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning are all known smelling salt enthusiasts, with Brady admitting in a previous radio interview: ‘We all do it.’

NFL Football is a series of quick, very intense plays, that usually last for a few minutes before the other team takes over and does the same thing.

Smelling salts offer a quick burst of adrenaline in increase alertness and strength for a few minutes, making it a perfect performance-enhancing fit for the NFL.

Tom Brady has been seen huffing from a gatorade cup on the sideline before taking the field.

Ezekiel Elliott has been seen smelling a little white pouch between possessions. There’s also a hilarious gif of Clay Matthews sniffing a salt pouch and he immediately gets a crazy look in his eye.


But, it’s not just the NFL elites using smelling salts, it’s been reported that smelling salts are used by 80% of players in the NFL.


Everyone who engages in contact sports such as football needs to keep the brain at the optimal level of activity and functioning. It is, however, important that all football players keep an active eye on the dosage on the smelling salts.

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