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AmmoniaSport Premium Smelling Salts: A How To Guide

“What Kind of salts are best for me?” This might be the most common question when beginning your exploration into smelling salts. With all the options on the market, decision paralysis is something many people fall victim of. Hopefully after reading this post you will be able to better understand your options and make the right choice for your situation.

So here’s the good news, AmmoniaSport offers 3 levels of products ensuring there is something for everybody whether you are an experienced user or just testing the waters with smelling salts.

The first level of product, AmmoniaSport squeeze, is a squeeze bottle that comes with an inhalant in liquid form and is ready to go with no preparation making it great for users just getting into smelling salts. To use this product, simply:
1. Remove the cap.
2. Place the bottle near one of your nostrils.
3. Squeeze the bottle and inhale.
4. Repeat as necessary.


Our second level of product is an ampule, which is a cotton capsule containing an ammonia and essential oil mixture inside. The bottle comes with 25 ampules and each ampule has a one time use.The ampule is the most widely used medium and is seen being used by everyone from athletes looking to get their head in the game, to truck drivers trying to stay awake. To utilize this product, simply:
1. Take an ampule from the bottle.
2. Squeeze down on the center of the ampule until you feel a crack (which causes the ammonia to be released and mix with the essential oils). You will know the product is ready for use when the ampule turns red.
3. Hold the ampule under your nose, close to the nostrils, and inhale as necessary (some people prefer to wave the ampule under their nose).
4. Once finished be sure to dispose of the ampule appropriately, DON’T LITTER!
5. Repeat as necessary.

Finally, our third level of product is AmmoniaSport Raw, which is a bottle containing ammonia in crystalline form. Level three is the strongest of our products and gives users the ability to create an ammonia mixture at the concentration of their choice. To use this product, simply:
1. Grab a cup (can be disposable or reusable).
2. Fill the cup with 1 tablespoon (15ml) of water.
3. Pour in AmmoniaSport Raw to the concentration of your liking.
4. Hold the cup close to your nose and Inhale as necessary (do not drink).
5.Repeat as necessary.

Now that you are an expert on how to utilize our products, get out there and accel in whatever you do with AmmoniaSport!

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