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“What the heck are these and what do you do with them?” Is the question that is on most people’s minds when first hearing about smelling salts. Well the good news is I have the information you desire. 

What are Smelling Salts?

Generally speaking, smelling salts are a combination of ammonia carbonate and perfume used to stimulate your senses. Other common names include; ammonia inhalants or ammonia salts. Today, the salts you commonly see are actually aromatic spirits, which are a mixture 

of ammonia, alcohol, and water. The purpose being to stabilize and restore your respiratory action as the salts irritate your lungs and nose forcing an inhalation response. This helps to up your energy level and give you a burst of oxygen which aids in boosting your strength and focus. Also, salts are used medically to awaken people who have fainted. 

Smelling salts were first known to be used by the early Romans and can be found mentioned in the writings of Pliny, as Hammoniacus Sal. They became more widely used during the Victorian Era in Britain, to revive women who had fainted, which was usually due to the fashion trend of wearing corsets as they have the potential to restrict breathing and slow the heart rate.

Above it all

Nowadays, smelling salts are widely used in professional sports with both players and coaches utilizing them to get an edge and stay alert either before the game or on the sideline. Often, trainers distribute packets to players who proceed to squeeze the cotton package and release the chemicals inside. From there, the players proceed to wave the packets under their nose which causes a diverse set of reactions. The reactions are anything from wincing, blinking heavily, head shaking, or jumping up and down, all of which let you know the player is feeling the effects. Hockey coach John Torchetti, who spent three seasons in the ECHL says, “Just gets me in that fired-up mode like I was playing.”

“Just gets me in that fired-up mode like I was playing.”
-John Torchetti

While athletes are the most well known group to use smelling salts, they are definitely not the only ones. Smelling salts are seen being used everywhere, from the military to truckers trying to stay awake, or from musicians looking for a pre-show boost to extreme sports athletes looking to psych up. 

Who We Are

At AmmoniaSport, we look to provide users with a premium smelling salt that boosts energy, strength and focus, allowing you to reach your peak performance in whatever you do. It’s as simple as snap, crack and sniff and you are one step closer to achieving your goals. 

With 3 levels of product, AmmoniaSport has something for everyone, whether that be an inhalant (level 1) in which all you do is squeeze, an ampule (level 2) that you snap, crack and sniff, or our strongest (level 3) which is an inhalant mix that is combined with water and then is ready to sniff. 


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