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Something You Might Not Have Known About Tom Brady

When you hear the name Tom Brady, what comes to your mind? Is it the six Super Bowl rings or is it the fact that he is a living legend and widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time? One thing that probably is not on the top of your mind is that he (and pretty much everyone else in the NFL) is an avid user of smelling salts. 

Back in 2011, Brady was caught on camera during a game sniffing something out of a green Gatorade disposable cup. This caused various blogs and chat rooms to buzz with speculation about what substance Brady was sniffing out of the cup. 


Later that month in a radio interview, Tom Brady quieted all the speculation by coming out right and confirming it was ammonia in the cup that he was sniffing during the game. In the interview Brady states, “We all do it, it’s kind of a receiver and quarterback thing.”

“We all do it, it’s kind of a receiver and quarterback thing.”

– Tom Brady


The practice of using salts in games is not against NFL rules and NFL spokesman Greg Aiello released a statement shortly following the buzz surrounding this instance with Brady. He said, “It’s not prohibited by our policies. The use of smelling salts by athletes has taken place for decades.”


So if you take away anything from this article about easily one of the most dedicated and successful athletes of our time, it should be this; There are no super humans in this world and when the chips are down and you need to make it through whatever it is your doing, ammonia can definitely help get your head in the game and help you push through adversity. 


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