Ammonia Powerlifting Smelling Salts For Athletes


There is a great need for all athletes to remain motivated and stimulated all through their athletic activities. This does not only improve their overall performance but it also has a way of keeping them focused on the task at hand and on how to achieve their set down goals. While smelling salts for athletics may serve as a stimulant for all athletes, adequate care must be taken not to confuse this innocent act with substance abuse.

What is a smelling salt?

Smelling salts for athletics can be described as a combination of ammonium carbonate ((NH4)2CO3H2O) and perfume which are sniffed by athletes mainly as a restorative or stimulant. Smelling salt for athletics (Ammonia powerlifting smelling salts), was originally designed as a stimulant which can be utilized in the reduction of swooning or faintness and this has found great use in the sporting world where they are used to keep the athlete going even in tough situations.

Ammonia Powerlifting Smelling Salts For Athletes

While what is obtainable as smelling salts for athletics may slightly differ in raw materials, concentration and preparation such as those seen in ammonia powerlifting salts some of these salts may contain a combination of dilute ammonia which is dissolved in a mixture of water and ethanol thus the name ammonia powerlifting”.

Before now, people buy smelling salts for several reasons which included as a treatment for mild head injuries, remedy for faintness and as s stimulant for alertness. The use of smelling salts has received several adaptations into different works of life such as in sporting activities like hockey, football, and even athletics.

How Do they work?

The act of using a substance as a stimulant for alertness has been in existence for quite a long period of time now. The earliest forms of records were seen in the writings of Pliny where he made reference to Hammoniacus sal (which was a substance used for the same purpose as smelling salts for athletics).

Smelling Salts

Smelling salts for athletics work by arousing the consciousness of the athletes since the release of ammonia gas which is related to their use tends to irritate the membranes of the respiratory tracts (nose and lungs) and this can trigger an inhalation reflex which alters the pattern of breathing in an individual. This altered pattern of breathing improves the flow rates of the respiratory tracts which in turn has a positive effect on the alertness of the body system.

Side effects of smelling salts for athletics

Despite the fact that there are several speculations about the dangers associated with the use of ammonia powerlifting smelling salts, so far, no medical cases have been recorded as a result of using smelling salts for athletics. As a precautionary measure, it is however advised that the capsule should be held 10m – 15 cm from the nose.


Smelling salts for athletics is gaining more and more acceptance as a stimulant among athletes. While this may be a great achievement it is however advised that only moderate doses should be taken at a time and this should not in any be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

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