The most energy you will get from a smelling salt. Our smelling salts boost focus, energy, and strength allowing you to reach your peak performance and get in the game!

The combination of chemicals mix and release small amounts of ammonia gas. The ammonia irritates the blood vessels in the nasal passages providing an instantaneous boost of strength, explosive energy, and razor sharp focus. Ammonia inhalants are legal and safe!

Ammonia inhalants are legal and safe!

AmmoniaSport™ Squeeze (Level 1) – The bottle that it comes in has the inhalant in it, all you need to do is squeeze the bottle and sniff. The bottle contains 100s of uses.
AmmoniaSport™ Ampules (Level 2) – These are individual ampules that you snap, crack, and sniff. Once you crack the ampule, it will release the inhalant.
AmmoniaSport™ Raw (Level 3) – Mix inhalant in water and sniff. This is our strongest level of inhalant. The bottle contains 100s of uses.

25 per bottle, 100 per box.

The effects don’t last long so you will be able to fall asleep just fine. You would only be kept awake if you continued using them every hour.

All our products are made in the USA in GMP certified facilities.

Athletes of all sports, gamers, the military, truck drivers, musicians, artists, etc.

5-15 minutes depending on the person.

Orders will be automatically billed and shipped every 30 days.

Contact support@ammoniasport.com to cancel your subscription, and we will cancel it promptly, no questions asked.