Splash and Sniff

Important: Before taking any supplements it is important to speak with you doctor to make sure it is right for you. Every case is different, so not all people respond to AmmoniaSport. AmmoniaSport does not cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

What is AmmoniaSport?

Our premium smelling salts boost focus, energy, and strength, allowing you to reach your peak performance and get in the game!

Introducing the AmmoniaSport Collection

How it works?

AmmoniaSport AQUA – Pre-activated smelling salt mixture. Just twist and sniff!
AmmoniaSport RAW – Non-activated smelling salt mixture that needs water to activate. Just splash and sniff!
AmmoniaSport SQUEEZE –  Pre-activated smelling salt mixture. Just squeeze and sniff!

The Most Energy You Will Get From A Smelling Salt

Our Smelling Salts boost focus, energy, and strength allowing you to reach your peak performance.

A Ritual Used For Superior Sports Performance

“When you think of gameday, there are a few things which come to mind that are synonymous with the start of the game. Players coming out of their respective locker rooms and getting amped while their names are announced on the loudspeaker, the Star Spangled Banner playing while fans and athletes stand in respect, and athletes on the sideline can be seen sniffing something to get a jolt before hopping onto the field. That capsule they hold under their nose are smelling salts, and this pregame/in-game ritual of athletes using them to get their head in the game is becoming synonymous with elite level performance.”

Why Powerlifters and Strength Athletes Use Smelling Salts

Let’s set the scene:

You’re at the gym going about your usual workout routine when you see a huge muscular guy across the room calmly load up the deadlift bar with eight forty-five pound plates on each side, so you decide to watch.

Before he begins to lift the weight for a set of three, you see him put something under his nose, sniff, and then make a face as if someone slapped him across the cheek. “What was that?” Questions run through your mind as you witness this event. The man had seemed calm as he was setting up the weight, and then appeared to go through some beastly transformation as he sniffed that thing he was holding. “What just happened?” As he starts re-racking the weights, you notice his calmness return, so you decide to ask him about what you just witnessed. “Lifting heavy weights is all about the mindset. When I snap one of these smelling salts, my focus is amplified. The world around me disappears, and it’s just me and the weight. I feel a surge of strength and feel supreme confidence in my ability, which allows me to perform my best during the set.”

Why Powerlifters/Weightlifters Use Ammonia

Let’s set the scene:
You are at the gym going about your typical workout routine when you see across the gym a huge muscular guy just about to put up a set that weighs more than you, so you decide to watch. Just before the guy begins lifting you see him put something under his nose, sniff, and then make a face as if someone slapped him across the cheek. “What was that?”or “Is this guy using drugs at the gym?” might be the questions that come to mind, but since the guy is an absolute goliath and is in the zone you decide not to probe.
Well, after reading this article you won’t have to wonder anymore.

Satisfication Guarantee

Our 30 day guarantee allows you to try AmmoniaSport risk free! Your satisfaction is our top priority. Problems? Email [email protected] We are confident that you will have success while using AmmoniaSport, but if you are unsatisfied for any reason simply send the bottle back, used or sealed, for a full refund - No Questions Asked

Made in a FDA registered facility

Our specialized proprietary blend contains only the highest quality ingredients. All of the ingredients hold certificates of anaylsis. AmmoniaSport is made exclusively in the United States in FDA approved facilities that meet all CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

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Customer's Reviews

If you’re a power lifter at the gym, this is a must have!

I go to the gym almost daily and there are times where I am spending the time lifting weights only and there are times where I am just doing cardio but working out everyday can sometimes take a toll on my body and especially cause me to have a lack of motivation which I certainly do not want since I am preparing myself for a local competition.

-Adam Lopez

Work great. Good for heavy lifting!

I have been getting into heavy lifting these days and I really need something that can help me focus right away. This thing is so strong and powerful that with just one time use, it hit me right away. it has 100 time uses, but it can last even longer if you don’t use it usually. I only use it for the last few heavy reps of squat and deadlift. It helps me hit my PR and stay focus in the exercise.

-Trang Ntt

Strong and Powerful

This product came in a smaller package then what I was expecting but still provided a big bang.
Scent was also better than expected. Bought as a “might as well try” but glad I took the risk.

-Amazon Customer

Ammonia sport athletic salt

I bought this product some few days ago so that I could try and see whether it could boost my energy when working out,am glad to admit that it has really helped and it got no any side effects. Highly recommend.


The extra boost you need

I really liked this product and I will tell you now, it PACKS A PUNCH! I ordered this product because I wasn’t getting that same intensity that I do in the gym being that we have to workout from home right now…. I’m now pushing my body to its limits again thanks to AmmoniaSport smelling salts RAW. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

-Ty Jones

Fast acting!

Wow! I love this stuff so much! I go to the gym multiple times a week and when I feel drained of energy one sniff of this stuff and I’m back on track!